Sunday, September 19, 2010


We are spending two nights in Rock Hall, MD which is on the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay. Had a nice sail over yesterday, kind of long because of shoals. We actually had to go south of Rock Hall, find the correct marker and then come back north about 4 miles to enter a fairly small harbor opening.

Then we got lost in the Harbor, finally found our transient slip and got all tied up. The neatest thing was that Sat night(yesterday) was the owner's appreciation dinner and dancing for all the dock holders. We knew about it in advance. We were not invited to the dinner but were invited to the dancing part which started at 7pm and went to after 10 pm. Had a great time. The owner came over and introduced herself to us towards the end of the evening.

We met several dock holders who all told us how great Rock Hall is for sailing. However, most of them live in Delaware and have an easy drive down the eastern side of the bay from either Wilmington, DE or from eastern Pa.

Today we got out the bikes and rode all over Rock Hall, a very nice town with shops and a good coffee house. Went to the Rock Hall museum which has a lot of oyster/crab gear from the past. The volunteer at the museum was telling about how nice Rock Hall is to live in, one of the points of visiting the Chesapeake is that this is a potential spot for us to life in on a part time basis after we are finished cruising, but still want to keep sailing. The restaurant where we had lunch hosted a Ravens backers party. Kind of noisy. Wish we had known about it in advance as they all got a great price break on the food: $10 per person for a buffet that featured crab, burgers, ribs, etc.

The pictures today were taken by Joy. The colorful buildings are part of an old amusement part that was on the Bay and were relocated to Rock Hall and turned into touristy gift shops.

Tomorrow we are off to Chestertown, MD, 25 miles up the river from the Bay. Should take about 6 hours to get there. May try to anchor before and after we visit the town to save some money. The dock fees are our biggest expense item and hopefully we can do more anchoring after Oct 3.


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