Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waiting for EARL

Just sitting around waiting for Earl to make his presence known in NYC. We are in a good spot, off the Morris Canal which is off the Hudson River. Looks like we will just get rain and wind most likely on Friday/Saturday. We are going to stay here at the Marina until the ocean calms back down. Down the coast, they are forecasting 12 to 15 foot waves. A little high for us.

Spent the evening with cousin, Karen Stone, at here condo in Brooklyn and went to a very nice restaurant called Superfine with Karen and Jill. Karen is one of my younger cousins, or course now she is over 50 but still younger. She is the Director of Design for Knoll, Inc. and also teaches at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

It has been so hot here in Jersey City that we have taken to visiting places that have AC, such as the Jersey City Public Library, and also to the Liberty Science Center across the Marina. One nice thing about libraries is that you can catch up on your reading at no cost. The staff is very helpful and there is no rush to get you out of the place. The LSC is a great kid place for science exploration, it is about 6times bigger than the Great Lakes Science Center and everything at LSC works. They also have a IMAX theater and we saw an interesting film called Mystic India.

Heading over to the Museum of Modern Art after breakfast today. Will have more later about MOMA and Earl preparations.


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