Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crabbing in Maryland

No I don't mean that either Joy or I are crabby. I mean that we have seen a lot of crabbers out in their boats pulling in their crab pots. Got a photo of one of them. The boats are long with a small cabin up in front and a large deck in back to store the crab pots and crabs when they are brought aboard.

We left early this morning(sunrise photo at Havre de Grace) as the forecast was for thunderstorms in the early afternoon. We went from Havre de Grace which is on the western shore over to Georgetown, MD which is on the eastern shore up the Sassafras River. A nice four hour trip but was mostly confined to a small deep channel. The Chesapeake is big but very shallow along the edges so there are a lot of places we can not go. The phrase: "Hey diddle diddle, stay in the middle" is rule number 1.

Georgetown has a lot of boats. We are anchored out in the middle of the bay surrounded by some very large boats, a lot of them over 60 feet. We went to the swimming pool but it was pretty cold. Then about 4 pm the weather started to turn bad and we went back to the tender dock and went back to High Spirits. Made it by only 30 seconds, and the rain hit.

Tomorrow we are using the loaner bikes to go into Glena, about a mile from here to do some shopping for groceries, and other essentials. The tender stops at 6 pm, so if we want to eat on shore we have to eat early, other wise we will eat on High Spirits.


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