Friday, September 24, 2010

Overnight Anchoring

On Wednesday, the 22nd, we left Chestertown, by early afternoon and motored about 2+ hours to Langford Creek, which we were told had a good anchorage in case of thunderstorms from the Northeast, which was forecast. A good anchorage is a sheltered spot from wind and waves with good holding ground, meaning when you put down your anchor, it doesn't drag. The Chesapeake is full of these types of spots.

Our little overnight anchorage was up a smaller creek- 1/4 mile across and behind an island. It was very quiet, with only an occasional small sailboat or fisherman around. We had our own great blue heron, who probably lived on the island. Had supper, played cards, and watched the light show. Thunderstorms did come in, but mostly stayed to the south of us, so we watched the sky light up for about 1 and 1/2 hours as it got dark. A little scary, but impressive to watch. We got the edge of one storm, with not much rain or wind, that evening. We also enjoyed the full moon!


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