Friday, September 17, 2010

Great Day in Georgetown

We had a great day here in Georgetown. The marina here has loaner bikes so we borrowed two bikes to ride a short distance into the town of Galena which has a nice family type of restaurant and a small grocery store plus a bunch of stores for Joy to look through. Even had a hardware store which I needed to have a key made. The window over the navigator's desk has a small leak and some keys got wet and started to rust. It is amazing how fast things rust when you are on the water unless it is made of stainless steel.

Later this afternoon we were sitting on High Spirits watching about 50 American vultures( at least that is what Joy's bird book thinks they are) flying in circles over the trees along the marina. Picture included.

Joy remarked how scenic it was to look at the boats all tied up at moorings so she took the rest of today's pictures. The mooring field was cheap, only $.80/foot and a free water taxi took you back and forth to the fuel dock.

We met a couple who have been living on their boat for three straight years. It is a 43 foot Taswell. It is equipped with a water maker and extra fuel tanks(actually they took out one of the water tanks and replaced it with a reserve fuel tank). They are headed to the Islands.

We also decided that we need Boat Cards as we have been collecting them from people but have no cards to give to them. Now that the Franko's have cards, we had better get with the program and get some printed. Thanks for the tip about Staples.

We are headed down to Rock Hall and then up the river to Chestertown which is very scenic at this time of the year. Then next week over to Baltimore for Josh and Rachel.


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