Thursday, September 2, 2010

Still Waiting for EARL

We are getting ready to go to sleep. The wind has pickup up a little and it is cooler.

We put out more lines to the metal pilings. Put the bikes away, tied everything down. Tomorrow, Friday, we are supposed to go to a Broadway play with Mike and Sweta, still planning on doing it.

We check Earl's progress twice a day.

We did go to MOMA today, Joy loved the place, I thought it was okay. I did take a break and walked over to the location of my first full time job which was with
ARCO, Atlantic Richfield Company. I started with them in June 1972 as a Financial Analyst making $14,700 per year having just graduated from Boston University with my MBA. Our office was at 717 Fifth Avenue, which is 56th St and Fifth Avenue. Currently Merrill Lynch is using the building. In front is a very high end restaurant, entries start at $32 and up.

Will let you know more about EARL tomorrow.


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  1. Joy, happy to hear that you enjoyed MOMA.....Joe, what's up, at least you had passes?!