Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well Earl was a bust here in NYC. Our dock people went all over the marina, putting in new bolts for cleats that were loose, fastening down boards, tie up lines on boats , and doing everything possible for a strong storm.

Except nothing happened here in Jersey City. I don't think it even rained as we went to a Broadway show with Mike and Sweta Wexler, and I could see no sign of rain after we got back to the boat. We went to the Carnegie Deli for dinner, a cupcake shop for desert, and the show Promises, Promises which was great. Sean Hayes from Will and Grace as the male lead, and Kristen Chenoweth has the female lead. Kristen had the lead in Wicked, and also has been on tv in West Wing and Glee.

There are strong winds here so we will stay in Jersey City and leave tomorrow for Rocky Point, across from Coney Island on the western tip of Long Island. Should be there only two days and then head south to Sandy Hook, NJ for the sail down the Jersey Coast.

We will be stopping in Mannasqaum Inlet at the town of Brielle, also at Atlantic City for two/three nights, and then to Cape May. Have to wait for the right wind/seas conditions.

Waiting for our jib sail to show up, it had a small tear and is being repaired. Afterwards going to the local Farmers Market to stock up on food for the trip south.

That is it for now. More pictures later


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