Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Safe in Brielle, NJ

We are safe and drying out at Hoffman's Marina on their gas dock in a small town called Brielle, NJ. We left Rockaway about 9:30 am. The water was kind of choppy and the waves were about 2 feet. Had a nice current leaving Rockaway for about the first 45 minutes.

Then we got into the Harbor and had some cross currents, tidal movement and wind that kicked up some 2-4 footers. That happened for an hour and then the waves got consistent, 3-5 feet.

However as things went along the waves increased to 7 to 8 foot waves and the wind picked up to 23 knots or more. Of course, we had to be going almost right into the wind so we just trashed through the waves. Not unsafe, but not that pleasant as we had the dodger down so we could see. Dodger down means water flying into the cockpit. We were pretty soaked.

Arrived here at the gas dock and Bruce helped land the boat. We took showers to get rid of the salt water on our bodies. This marina has the best showers of the entire trip. Just renovated two years ago, spacious with lots of hot water.
Went to a seafood restaurant and Joy had Maine lobster tail with a crab, shrimp and scallop stuffing on top of that. They brought my swordfish with lobster on top of that, so she ended up with my lobster also.

Enough of food. We hopefully will stay tomorrow unless the weather gets better.
Since we are on the gas dock we are supposed to leave at 7 am weather permitting.

More from Atlantic City where we expect to take Donald Trump to the cleaners!!!


ps anybody want us to place bet for them in one of the Casinos?

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