Sunday, October 3, 2010

Still in Baltimore

Well, we are still in Baltimore, and it is raining again outside. Looks like rain for the next couple of days. We had hoped to leave Baltimore on Tuesday, but not sure now.

We had originally planned on staying here a week, or at least the boat staying here a week.

On Monday-Wednesday, we went down to DC via the MARC train to visit Jen, Mark, Erin and Adam. The train only cost $6.

Came back Wed. night and on Thursday, the East Coast got hit by Tropical Storm Nicole and it rained all day Thursday, and bad weather on Friday. We were supposed to go to Annapolis but basically cancelled out, and all the kids came to Baltimore for this weekend.

Erin and Adam's first overnights on the boat went fairly well. We do not have super space but everybody adjusted. We all went out for a sail on Saturday afternoon which was the nicest day in the last week. Not too much wind and little Rally on the Mall on Oct 2. Josh did not have to go to work until the afternoon. So we had a nice family get together for a couple of hours. Then everybody had to leave to catch trains, go home, or go back to the boat.

So today Boat Breakdown News: tried to start up our boat heater because the temperature was getting into the 60s. Of course, it does not work. It has not been used for two years, so it could be a variety of things. Called the factory today. They suggest we have it taken out and shipped to them, they do all their own repair/restoration work. Have a call into Butch, a repair guy at a place we are going to next weekend. So spend some more money. We probably do not need the heater fixed now as we are hopefully moving south into warmer weather. May decide to wait until next spring.

Today's photos are from the weekend visit of Erin and Adam.


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