Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mornings in Deltaville, VA

Today's picture is the sunrise from High Spirits in Deltaville, Va. We have decided to stay here for a couple of days to have several repairs made.

Today the riggers came and fixed the leaky port stay. Hopefully it will not leak on the navigator's desk area after tomorrow. We have to tighten up the bolts tomorrow. They wanted the bedding compound to sit for a day. When we did it in July, we tightened the bolts too quickly and squeezed the bedding compound before it had a chance to set up.

Also the stove people came and looked out the galley area and have ordered all the parts they need. We most likely will not get out of here until Sunday. So only a couple of days delay.

Spent some time today riding a bike around town. Thought I found a great dessert place called Moo's Sweet Shop but found out that they got out of sweets and now it is just a deli. Open for breakfast and lunch but no sweets. Not even sorbet, just plain ice cream. Think we are going there for breakfast tomorrow. We have been eating on the boat. Helps keep our expenses to a semi reasonable level.

One of the older ladies we have met has spent 13 years sailing around the world with her husband. One of leg of their voyage he became ill and she had to sail their boat around South Africa. Then she hired some professional crew and sailed from South Africa to the Caribbean.

That is about it for tonight. I started my inventory project where we will itemize all major items in the boat on a spreadsheet so we can find things when they are needed. The more detail we want, the bigger the job.


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