Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Even Day

By now you know my track record for writing the blog on the even days- about half the time! Or maybe a third!

We left Jen, Mark, and the kids to return to the boat, after a run to Whole Foods with lunch for all of us and a trip to the hardware store in Silver Springs to buy a small electric heater for the boat. Jennifer seems to be feeling better after her scare at the hospital. Getting a call at 7am on Thursday from Jen in the ER was scary, but luckily we were not too far, could easily rent a car, and help out with the kids. Last night we stayed with Erin and Adam and they got to go to the movies to relax.

Back at Solomons, with a car until Monday morning, we are planning a movie tonight and then the Holiday Inn has a DJ tonight, which Joe is excited about! Me less so because I picked up a cold this week. I included a picture of Adam and Mark and 2 of our surroundings in Solomons Island. After a rainy Friday, the weekend is beautifully clear, crisp, and breezy. As the weather cools, it is a reminder that we need to keep pushing south, before the snow flies!


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