Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mooring in Lake Olegton


Well today is an odd day so it is my turn to write. We are moored in Lake Olegton, just south of Annapolis. We had a great sail down the Bay from Baltimore, moving about 6 knots. We were
in Baltimore for 12 days. The weather finally cleared out from the rain, and so we took off.

It took about 5 hours to sail down to Lake Olegton. Tomorrow we are going over to St. Michaels and Oxford for three days. Then we are coming back to the west side of the Bay to go to the sailboat show at Annapolis. Jen, Mark, Erin and Adam are coming to Solomon Island for the weekend of Oct 17.

Interest move today at the fueling dock. We had a stiff cross wind and I was hoping to to drift into the fuel dock right into the bumpers at the diesel pump. However I miscalculated the wind and landed at the dock, short of the pump and short of the bumpers. Also had a little forward speed: results: several scratches on the starboard side of the boat. Good news: nobody was injured. That is the first rule of safety. You can have an incident, but as long as nobody gets injured and there is no hole in the boat, well than it is okay. It is kind of link the airplane summary: any intact landing is a good landing.

Joy has gone to bed at 8:17 pm. It gets dark really early now. Our heater on the boat does not heat, it pumps air but not hot air. We have decided to wait until we come back to get it fixed. They have to take it out of the boat and send it to the factory. Take about 2 weeks, and we would have to go back to the dealer who took it out.
Here is a picture of Joy at her happiest, sailing along with a nice breeze with no motor so it is quiet. We think about her grandparents, Gar and Skip, a lot when we are out sailing. They were the grandparents who had the Primrose, the boat that Joy grew up sailing on.

We are trying to get to Virginia by the end of October.

More later


ps pictures are from the trip today down the Bay and Lake Olegton.

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