Monday, October 25, 2010

Boat Repairs & Knitting

Today was a day of boat repairs and Joy started on her knitting project. We got up early as the yard crew starts at 7 am with a staff meeting and they are on the boats by 7:45 am. We had four people working: 1) Eric & Christy worked on the engine, replacing the starter cable as it was too small and chafing against the engine block, and 2) Mike and Tom were working on the stove project.

The engine project ended up replacing the two cables for the starter, replacing some wires that were rubbing and wearing out their insulation, and tomorrow they will finish the engine project with a new belt and adjusting the alternator. We are getting a spare alternator and two belts to put in our spare parts locker.

The stove project has all the tubing in place, the stove connected up to the tubing.
Still to do is the mounting of the solenoid and the gas regulator and hooking up the gas supply to the grill on the back of the boat. That also should be done by Tuesday night.

Joy worked on the cockpit floor trying to glue down pieces. I went to the store for some supplies. They have a car here that you can use for one hour, costs $1 for gas but you have to stay in Deltaville.

Tonight we had a group dinner with 5 other boaters who have been south to the Bahamas. Had some nice tips about sailing south. Some of the group will be traveling south to the Bahamas. One couple is going to Mexico after they get to Florida.

It will be interesting to see if the yard finishes tomorrow. The heater guy never showed up, and other people have been complaining that it is taking much more time to finish jobs than they were promised. Lots of complaints about spare parts not getting her on time, or the wrong parts showing up.


ps still not pictures as no camera.

pps This is added on Tuesday morning 6:30 am. I am slowly adjusting to the fact that one has to always to remember that everything does not get done on time, and that in the boating world this is especially true. There many people here in Deltaville who are in the same situation we are in, they want to get the boat fixed and get going. Still it is nice that we can sit down and have dinner together, sharing our experiences in life with each other.

We just found out that one of the women has breast cancer, and has to return home for treatment. They had planned on going to the Bahamas this winter, but now their life is changing and they are on a different path.

I was thinking about what I was thinking when I fell in on Saturday. Thankfully Joy was there to give me a big hand. I was fortunate that I was not injured too badly, like hitting my head on the dock when I fell in. That would have been extremely serious. It only takes a split second for your life to change, either an accident or receiving some health news.

We are grateful for what we have. We are thankful for the gift of each other

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