Monday, October 18, 2010

Reedville and Point No Point

Don't you love that name- Point No Point! We passed it just north of the entrance to the Potomac River. The lighthouse is Point No Point Lighthouse! We are now in Virginia. Maryland only took 4 weeks plus!

Reedville is known for the smelly fish processing plant. It was known in the past as the Menhaden fishing capital of the US. The inedible fish is processed for its oil and as a fertilizer, but the fish population has been depleted over the years. You will recognize the oil as Omega 3 fatty acids. The odor as we passed by the plant was powerful and we were glad that the inviting coves for anchoring are not downwind from the plant.

We just had the police boat stop by, as I was typing, to let us know that our anchor light was not on. Glad they are on the lookout and protecting us. Whenever you anchor you have to have a light visible for 2 miles at night- most boats now, including us, have one at the top of the mast. When I was a child, sailing with my grandparents, we had a kerosene lantern that would be raised up on a line at night.

Tomorrow we are off the Deltaville, where we should have the afternoon for exploring! Only a morning sail and then another anchorage.

I had several pictures from today, but somehow I deleted all but one while transferring them from the camera to the computer!


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