Sunday, October 24, 2010

Substitute Writer - Sunday Oct 24

Well, this is Joe substituting for Joy. As it turns out, she hurt her ankle more than we originally thought. It is swollen on both sides and black and blue on the inside. Right now she is resting on the starboard side of the saloon with her foot elevated in an ice bag. She is reading a book, while I am writing.

We drove 30 minutes to church today to a very nice church, Church of Frances de Salles, in Matthew, VA. It was a very musically and community oriented service. We stayed for coffee and talk to Rosemary who told us all about the parish. They have a fairly new pastors, two years or so, who replaced an African American pastor. We are talking about rural Virginia which is a very conservative place.

After church we drove to Walmart to buy engine oil. It is about $5/gallon cheaper than the marine stores. We change oil every 50 hours, so that is about every 8 days or so.

Also tried to find a battery for my phone. Jen had sent me my replacement phone but it came with no battery. I was supposed to put the old battery in the replacement phone but the battery got wet when I fell off the dock.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with Joe on a PBE conference call, and Joy talking to other boaters here for repair work. The marina has an enclosed picnic indoor area with grills and tables. Met more new boaters who are here for repairs.

Ate our leftovers from gong out to eat with Reid Ashe for dinner tonight.


PS no pictures until we get a new camera. Ours was in my pocket when I fell off the dock.

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