Friday, October 15, 2010

Back in Hyattsville, MD

Thursday morning we got a call that Jen was in the hospital in Silver Springs MD.

She had not been feeling well the past week and had a doctor's appointment for Thursday, but Wed evening she went to the Urgent Care facility and they sent her to the hospital. She is fine now. She ended up spending Wed night in observation, and was discharged on Thursday late evening.

Of course, we rented a car at 9 am on Thursday morning and drove to the hospital. We mostly took care of Erin for the day so Mark could take care of Adam and be with Jennifer. Thankfully
everything ended up okay.

Tomorrow, Sat, we will be returning to High Spirits to continue our trip on Monday. We can not return the car on Sat as Enterprise does not do pickups or drop offs on Sat. So we will drop it off early Monday morning, get a ride back to the boat and depart for Crisfield, MD. Crisfield is on the east side of the Chesapeake Bay, about a 7 hours trip. We may detour to another place on the western shore if they contact us about converting our stove from CNG to propane.

Enough excitement for the week. We ended up having a good time with the grand kids.


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