Friday, October 22, 2010

An Even Day in Deltaville

Joe was being optimistic about setting sail on Sunday. It now looks like Wednesday, although Joe is holding out for Tuesday. Everything always takes longer when someone is working on your house and it is no different with the boat. All the parts and pieces have to be ordered (which they have), and then overnighted, getting here on Monday- the next delivery day. Workers came by today and worked on the electrical hookup for the propane stove. A mechanic did some fine tuning with the engine, and the heater man came by to fix the heater. Supposedly, it was working this afternoon, but when we turned it on this evening, it didn't work. Not good!

We continue to meet interesting people. A young couple with a 5 month old from Boston came through today on their 33 foot Tartan sailboat, traveling for 18 months. Another boat pulled in next to ours with a couple from Holland, needing some work done, and hearing that Deltaville was the place to have it done. They are on a 2 and 1/2 year journey, having crossed the Atlantic. They return to Holland by air twice a year to visit their family. Our friends and family think we are on a big adventure, but compared to some of these folks, it is a drop in the ocean by comparison.
We rented a car for the weekend, as Joe was counting on visiting Yorktown, and would like to see Jamestown also. So tomorrow he is going to Jamestown and Sunday we will both go to Yorktown by car rather than by boat. Tomorrow I am working on our cockpit teak flooring and going to the Farmer's Market, which is a stone's throw from the marina.

I have included pictures of the marina- lounge, herb garden(with an invitation to pick fresh herbs), bikes and our rental car , and our fly trap dangling from our ceiling. The flies are numerous. Pretty gross! One worker said it has to do with the cold weather!


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