Sunday, October 17, 2010

Solomons Island, MD

Tonight is probably our last night in Maryland as tomorrow's stop is Reedville, VA. It is about 35 miles south of Solomon's Island.

We went to the best church so far on our trip today. Our Lady of the Star Sea; lots singing by the congregation, and a lot of people there for 9 am service. For lunch we went to an Italian restaurant and got to chat with the new owner. He bought it in April 2010. Actually he is on a lease for a couple of years. He was a chef in DC for the past 15 years or so and wanted to open his own place.

Solomon was a great place to visit. We got a marina rate of $1/foot and we able to rent a car at a decent rate to drive to see Jen. Tomorrow I have to return the car first thing in the morning and then we are off for Virginia. Hope to be in Norfolk and the start of the ICW by next Sunday.

We visited the Calvert Maritime Museum. A large part of the museum is dedicated to fossils as the Calvert Cliffs are loaded with fossils laid down over the last 100 million years or so. In fact there was a young lady, about 18, working on a fossil she found sticking out of the cliffs while taking a walk on her grandmother's property.

Joy went shopping today so now we have a new rechargeable lantern, new grill for the back of the boat, and new containers for the refrigerator. I have been told to keep out of the refrigerator as I do not put stuff back where " it belongs". Actually I am not that bad.

No photos today, forgot to take the camera to the Museum. I did spend the afternoon after the museum working on his bills, back emails, and a conference call at 4 pm regarding my fraternity at MIT. So we are keeping busy with life in general. Joy got to talk to her co worker Shirley this afternoon.

More tomorrow from Reedville


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