Sunday, October 10, 2010

Annapolis crabbing

We arrived in Annapolis Saturday afternoon after a sail from St Michael's, where we enjoyed the Maritime Museum, road bikes for 14 miles to take a ferry over to Oxford, and enjoyed wonderful warm days and cool nights.

This morning, Sunday, after church, we spent about 2 hours at the Annapolis Sailing Show, before returning to the boat to enjoy Jen, Mark, Erin, and Adam, who came to spend the afternoon with us. One of the activities that Jennifer had read about was catching crabs by tying a chicken neck (we used wings) on a line and putting it on the bottom. So they arrived with chicken and fishing line and set up 3 lines. No sooner were they in the water and the lines started to move across the water. Carefully lifting the lines and using a net to capture them, we temporarily caught 3 crabs and put them in a bucket to examine them. A few more returned immediately to the water. No eating these crabs as the harbor was not the cleanest place in the world!

After our success with catching crabs, we went out for a 2 hour sail, under ideal conditions. Adam spent time sleeping below and Erin enjoyed both the sailing and playing below with Nannie. Jen and Mark are great 2nd mates, steering, handling lines, and docking.

Tomorrow, we spend the whole day at the boat show!


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