Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chesapeake Maritime Museum

We spent the entire day at the Chesapeake Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, MD. The picture of Joy holding an oyster and a set to tongs, which are used to scoop up oysters.

Well not the entire day, as we did not get there until 10:30 am, and also had to go food shopping at the end of the afternoon.

Today was also "let us find out how difficult it is to have prescriptions renewed after taking them for 10 years or so. Turns out my prescriptions had to be written out on paper and could not be electronically refilled by the Cleveland Clinic Home Delivery System. Hard to believe that there does not exist system to eliminate paper prescriptions within the CCF system. They blame the fact that an outside firm actually handles the transmissions and I am "not" in their system, even though I have been a CCF patient for 15+ years.

On Friday we are going to rent bikes and ride down to the ferry dock to motor over to Oxford, MD. It is about a 14 miles round trip. Should be fun, it is billed as one of the top 25 bicycle rides in the country. Will have pictures of the trip for Friday's blog


Fortunately, Gayle and Connie were able to drive to Independence, pick up the pieces of paper, and mail them to Garfield Hts through the US Postal System. I am sure there is something elsse I have to fill out, but hopefully they will get filled in the nexg two weeks. Can not wait to see what kind of problems we have to get enough to go to the Bahamas in the wintger for more than 3 months.

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