Monday, October 11, 2010

Annapolis, Md - Boat Show & the Kids

Well, just got back from the Annapolis Sail boat show. No, we did not buy a new boat. I did look at a 43 ft Tartan, that lists out at $500K, as well as a 56 ft Hylas, that lists at $1.1 million.
They are a little bit past our checkbook balance.

We did buy some new items for the boat including a Honda gasoline generator as a backup power source, a EPIRB distress radio, a single burner butane camping stove,and new maps for Virginia. I found a marina that we probably will stop at that might be able to convert our CNG stove to a Propane stove. The problem is that there is no CNG to purchase to operate our stove. We have one empty cylinder and one that is less than 50% full. With no CNG we have no hot food unless we are at a marina and use our electric hot plate and toaster oven using shore power.

We used the kid's gift certificate at Calaway Bay for lunch today. I had a delicious bowl of lamb stew. Joy had a bleu cheese steak sandwich. Thanks kids for the treat. It was a great break from walking all over the Boat Show.

However, when we got back to the boat today we discovered that one of the hot water tank hoses had broken and leaked water into the engine bilge. We pumped it out, Fortunately we are going to a Marina tomorrow, weather permitting, that has a boat yard and we should be able to get a new hose made up to fix the problem. We can foot pump out cold water.

It is raining now but hopefully will blow out by tomorrow morning.
Matter of fact it is pouring like crazy, good test to see what leaks we have.

One of my oldest friends, Dick Van Os Keuls from 7th grade, came and visited us today and went to the boat show with us. He lives in Silver Springs, about 7 miles from Jennifer. He
is an architect. He was an usher in our wedding party. Google his name and you will see the stories about his house which he is covering with aluminum cans as a siding material.

Joy visited her mother's friend, Shirley Eustis, who went to Colby with Jean in the 40s. Shirley lives in Annapolis and is an artist. She also volunteers once a week at the Air and Space Museum on the Mall in the Archives Department.

No pictures today, as we did not take the camera to the boat show.

Tomorrow we are off to Herrington North Marina in Deale, MD. Thank goodness they have a boat yard, as we will need a new hose for our hot water heater. Keeping our fingers crossed that the weather heater was not damaged by the water leak.

While waiting for the shuttle to pick me up and take me back to our marina, I met an older woman who has been living on her boat with her husband full time for the past 4 years. They have been all over the Islands, and now are planning an Atlantic crossing with just the two of them for crew. She is very excited about her dock reservation in London starting in November. They have plans for an 18 month stay in northern Europe.

One good thing about going to the boat show is that you met people who are just like us. Perfectly sane to fellow boaters, but maybe from another person's perspective, a little out there on the edge.


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