Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good at Fixing Things!

You probably wonder what broke now?! We are always getting something fixed. That seems to be a boat thing for many people, so we are not alone. Today, as we motored two hours to Portsmouth, where the ICW starts, while anchoring, Joe noticed that our engine was overheating. It didn't take too long to recognize the problem was the altenator bolt, which had broken before, about 2 months ago. This time we knew what to do; so after dinghying ashore, taking a cab to West Marine to pick up a few new bolts, we returned and fixed it ourselves. We are crossing our fingers that there is not an underlying problem, causing these bolts to break.

Our friends joined us here in the anchorage and tomorrow we will enter the ICW through the Dismal Swamp. Isn't that a great name? Make you want to come?

While traveling into Norfolk up the river, we passed numerous battleships and aircraft carriers. Too bad we haven't found a camera store yet! Our anchorage is across from the Wisconsin, a museum battleship. We had to take our little dinghy around the huge battleship to shore. It certainly gives you an appreciation of the size and power of a ship like that.


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