Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday - Hallloween - Great Dismal Swamp

What a great name for a place to stay in for Halloween. We are in the Great Dismal Swamp. Its history goes back before George Washington. The canal was first proposed in 1728. Construction started in 1793, completed in 1802, and opened In 1805. Most of the first shipments were timbers cut down in the swamp, cedar and juniper.

We started the day at Hospital Point near the USS Wisconsin, which is a floating museum. The Wisconsin just opened up for indoor tours this past month.

The ride down to the Deep Creek Lock was very nice, the canal of course is very smooth and it looks a lot like the Erie Canal system in New York. This canal is operated by the Army Corp of Engineers, who also operated the lock at Buffalo and at Troy NY.

We walked into town with Chuck and Patty. After stops at the Food Lion, where we signed up for the MVP program, Advance Auto Parts where we bought some blue auto rags.

We stopped at La Familia, a Mexican restaurant in this small town, and had dinner with Chuck, Pattie, Francis and Linda. We are all veterans of Deltaville Boat Yard in the past week or so.
Linda's boat had a crack in their hull at the back strut. The yard was able to clean out all the bad fiberglass and get them back on the water in two days.

It gets dark early on boat time, so usually get to sleep about 9 pm and wake up around 6:30.


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