Monday, November 29, 2010

Jacksonville, FL

Well, we decided to stop at a Marina tonight instead of anchoring in Spring Cove. Major reason is that we only had a short schedule today, and a much longer one tomorrow. So we went an extra 6 miles today and tomorrow should be easier.

This marina is pretty empty. Most of their boats are rack storage. They are stacked 4 to 5 high in a very large boat barn. You can give them an hour notice and your boat will be in the water by the time you get here.

The ride today was very rural. In fact I only have one picture and there is not a house, car, or person in sight. We are in the northern part of Florida and it is very rustic.

Did get a chance to wash clothes when we got here and to see some tv, CNN news, around dinner time. Walked over to the Publix about a half mile away. Half of the shopping center is empty buildings. Not sure if they were ever used or businesses moved out. Sure is depressing to see all this overbuilding. Somebody lost a lot of money guessing on future demand, or as one person I used to work for said," Next person who uses pent up demand may be looking for a new job". That was back in the old days in Chicago.

Off to St. Augustine tomorrow.

We got our marriage saver headphones to use when anchoring, but no anchoring coming up until Thursday. They should cut down on the yelling back and forth over the engine noise.


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