Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Lazy Day in Beafort, NC

Today was a lazy, sightseeing, shopping, fudge, ice cream and walking around day.

We got up about 7:30 or so and Joy noticed that we were really close to a boat that we had anchored behind the afternoon before. We had changed direction due to the tides and since we had out more chain than the other boat, when we swung around, we ended up pretty close to them. After she checked it out about 10 times in 2 hours, we pulled in some chain and now had nice separation between the two boats.

The daylight is getting shorter. It is now 5:30 pm and almost dark. We have the anchor light on.

In the morning, we took the dinghy into shore, parked in a spot we probably should not have parked in and started walking around town. Joy hit all the shops, Joe got the US Today and the local paper and headed towards the nearest coffee shop. Not for coffee but for lemonade.

Our friend, Francis and Linda, walked their dog, and did their laundry all before 11 am. We strolled around, ladies hitting the stores, men just walking. Finally found a nice place for lunch. After lunch, more walking and shopping. Finally back to the dinghies about 4 pm.

We took the two dinghies over to the shore on the opposite of the anchorage area so Linda could walk Sophia. However, as we got closer to the shore, we ran into soft mud and got stuck about 15 feet from the shore. Had to use the paddles to push ourselves back into deeper water. Fortunately, no damage to the outboard engine. Started right up when we got back out into deeper water.

The sun set, and the sky is a reddish orange. The boats are turning on their anchor lights. It is a very pretty sight. Looking across the field of boats, I am struck by the simple beauty of it all.
It fortifies the feeling I have for what we are doing. We know we don't know everything we need to know right now, but we are learning on a daily basis, talking to more experienced people. One couple we met yesterday has been sailing for 20 years, and still enjoying every day.


ps still looking for a camera store and an eye glass place to fix some glasses.

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  1. Did you find Beaufort Grocery Co.?