Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anchored in the Wilds of Georgia

Hello Everybody,

We have missed a couple of days as a couple of times we ended up in poor Internet areas, we were too tired, or nothing exciting happened.

Well back to posting. We had a very interesting and long day. We are pushing to get to St. Mary's, Georgia, where there will be 300-400 boaters gathering for an annual Thanksgiving dinner. We left today before the sun came up and motored out in the fog. Fortunately the fog burned out quickly.

We had to go through Little Mud River, which is worst place on the ICW due to very low water and in fact is not passable during low tide. We got there 2 hours before low tide and got through without touching. Joy did a great job driving the boat. In fact I call her the Driving Machine. I also did not drive because if I did drive, she is a major front and back seat driver. SO might as well just let her drive.

Actually where we got stuck on the ground on previous days, I was doing the driving.

The sunrise was brilliant this morning. Hopefully pictures taken by the crew of Dream Catcher will get to us eventually.

Tomorrow if the weather is correct for sailing, we are going to sail out and then back in to avoid two other low water problem areas.

After St. Marys we are going to take a break for a day or so with Sally and Manny. Then it is down for the shuttle launch on Dec 3, then to Melody's around Dec 5/6, and get to Stuart around Dec 7/8.



  1. hi,
    glad to see you've posted again. Sounds like your excitement is never ending!!
    What a large group for Turkey Day! It will be great fun!
    Thinking of you and wishing you well.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  2. St. Mary's is right next to King's Bay Submarine Base, one of the landmarks I easily spot from the air - because of the big structures they built during the cold war to load missiles withiout being visible to spy satellites. I once went there on a Boy Scout camping trip and the Navy gave us a tour. They have a lot of cool stuff. Don't go sailing into their harbor, though; they might shoot! Happy Thanksgiving!