Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We are in Charleston, SC at Charleston City Marina, the home of MEGADOCK.
It is a very large dock, about 2000 feet long where all the huge yachts park. We are down at the end just taking up our little 39 feet of dock space using our small 30 amp power cord. Some of these yachts take 480 volts AC drawing probably 200 amps of current. Their power cords are the size of ones forearms. One of the yachts had two Harleys parked next to it.

The big news here in Charleston is that the tax people are after the large yacht owners with a 10.5% personal property tax based on the current market value of these yachts. The kicker is that the boat has to stay here in SC 90 or in some counties 180 days of the year. So people keep them here and move them out before the 90/180 days come up.

We took the shuttle downtown from the Marina. Joy, Linda and Francis went window shopping after lunch. I went to the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. It is a building here in Charleston that dates back to 1768 and contains the history of Charleston including its pirate period in 1717-1719, the Revolution, Civil War and the history of this city. Very interesting place and very informed guides. The dungeon wall in the basement is part of the original wall that went around downtown Charleston.

Tomorrow I plan on going to Fort Sumter while Joy is going on an old house walking tour of the city.

When I walked back this afternoon I went past the Ravenel house which has the claim of being the oldest house in the USA that has been owned by one family and always occupied by that family. The current Daniel Ravenel is the 10th generation of Ravenel males with the name of Daniel.

Well enough history for now.

ps We ordered a replacement camera and will be back taking pictures soon.

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