Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shopping in Elizabeth City, NC

What a delight, walking down Main Street, and seeing a throwback to the 50's and 60's. Linda and Francis joined Joe and I with our first stop being the candy store in town. After that was the department store, definitely similar to the stores I grew up with- the owner has had the store for 45 years and told us the store has been there since about 1900. Ladies hats with big brims, ribbons, and netting, men's shoes from the 50's, ladies' dress gloves(not for the cold). I wish we had a camera to share this priceless place with you. Next was the Super 10- an old fashioned 5 & 10- I bought warm gloves and a hat to keep my head and hands warm, long underwear for bed, and a sweatsuit, all for about $25. Yes it is that cold here in the South!

After our Main Street shopping, Linda, Patty, and I went grocery shopping. The store sends a car to the docks three times a day upon request. Great grocery store! Back at the dock was the daily wine and cheese party and then we looked over charts to plan the following three day motor/sail down to Oriental, NC. We will have two other boats with us- Chuck and Patty, on Soulmates, three years on their boat fulltime, are the experts and very ready to share their expertise. Chuck and Patty will part ways with us after that to head south quickly as they plan to be in Mexico by Christmas. Linda and Francis began their longterm cruising this summer, starting in Annapolis, where they live, traveling as far north as Block Island, and now headed south. The weather is expected to be cold and partially wet the next few days and we will stay in anchorages each evening. We will certainly enjoy any sunny, warm weather when it comes our way.


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