Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aunny's Restaurant

We had the best Southern cooking of our trip at Aunny's Restaurant in Georgetown! Actually, the best Southern cooking we have ever had! One of Linda's boater friends came through here a few days ago and texted her that she had to have Aunny's coconut pecan pie. We lucked out because we found the restaurant before closing and it is not open on Mondays. Southern fried chicken, sides of mac and cheese, candied yams, and green beans, cold slaw, followed by coconut pecan pie and peach cobbler for Joe. Aunny opened the restaurant a year ago, serves Thanksgiving dinner free to everyone who comes in, and once a month, donates half the receipts that evening to charity. The price for dinner was $22(including tip), with Joe and I splitting a meal due to the generous proportions.

What a delightful day, motoring down the Waccamaw River. The banks were covered with trees with fall foliage and sparse housing. We had 5 sailboats in our parade down the ICW today with an occassional powerboat passing us by. The polite power boaters hail us on the VHF radio and ask if they can pass, usually, slowing their boat so as to minimize their wakes (waves).

When we arrived in Georgetown and were attempting to anchor, a gentleman from the shore yelled for us to pick up his mooring, which was close by in the mooring field, which we did. Later as we went ashore to find him and thank him, he told us that the mooring belongs to the boat Flo that left town and no one knows where the boat is. He and the captain of Flo are dock pals and he has been using the mooring all last week, so he thought he would share his friend's mooring with us. So if we are lucky and Flo doesn't return, we will stay on the mooring for two nights.

Boaters will give you the shirt off their back and their friend's mooring also!


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