Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Other Beauford

Today we are in the other Beauford, the one in South Carolina. I am writing even though it is an even day as I was just too plain tied out to write last night.

One of the aspects of boating is that your body adjusts to the rhythm of the sun. We wake up around 6:00 to 6:30 as it starts to get light, and feel it is time to sleep after 9 pm or so. Amazing what happens when you have no tv to keep you up at night.

We had a 45 mile trip to Mosquito Creek yesterday and then 22 miles to Beauford today. After we got here about 1 pm, Joy and I took the dinghy into town, had lunch and started walking around.

Linda and Francis came over and Joy and Linda went shopping for proper boating attire to wear for the rest of the trip. Highlights were skimpy party dresses and 3 inches heels, NOT. They both just looked and looked at almost every store on the street. Linda did pick out something for Francis to buy her for her birthday on Monday. After he came out of the store, he said the sales lady complimented him on his exceptional taste in women's clothing.

I spent part of the afternoon touring a 1800 Federal Style house that survived the Civil War. Very interesting. The talk was given by a lady from New Hampshire who is one of the volunteers. She volunteers 6 hours a week. All the flooring, walls, and major construction parts are original. The furnishings are period pieces but not from that house. Most houses in Beauford were looted during the Civil War and used to house Northern troops for a couple of years.

We are pushing on tomorrow, working our way to St. Marys for Thanksgiving. Sally and Manny are coming to spend the day with us.


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