Monday, November 15, 2010

Georgetown, SC

Well I walked about a mile today looking for a camera store to buy a camera to replace the one that fell into the water when I fell off the dock.

Used google to find the store, walked to it and of course, it had gone out of business. Afterwards I found out it had been closed for a couple of years. Most interesting sign on the store front, " Seller might help with financing".

We had a nice lunch at the River Room, next to the public docks. ]Joy had a shrimp creole, and I just a grouper sandwich. After lunch we split up and Joy went shopping. She found a bamboo nightgown to replace the one lost at Herrington North marina.

I went to the Kaminski family mansion. Harold Kaminski was a WWI and WWII veteran who became mayor of Georgetown after WWII. Went there because some of you might know that Kaminski is my mother's family name. Grandfather George Kaminski had it changed to Stone during the depression. Story was that a more English name gave you a better chance of finding work during the Depression.

Since we do not know much about our Kaminski family there is no way to know if we are related to the Georgetown people.

Tomorrow it is off for a two day trip to Charleston. We are looking forward to Charleston, it was one of the highlights of our car trip last year.


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