Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well today was a great day at River Dunes Marina for several reasons, listed below not in any particular order.

Our good friend, Linda Franko, probably went nuts when the humble Cleveland Browns, our team, beat the NE Patriots, 34-14. I did not get to see the game in Oriental, NC as they had on the Ravens game on one channel and the Carolina Panthers on the other channel. I got highlights during those games and Internet news. However, Linda has NFL channel and she should be very happy. Linda and Steve are doing the Great Loop in their trawler. They were dockmates at East 55th Street on A dock.

Another great thing was church today in Oriental, NC. We used the courtesy car and got there a few minutes early. A lady came in and sat down in front of us. I introduced myself, she told us her name, Buckley, and said she was from Boston. Joy said she was from Boston, Mrs. Buckley said she grew up in Dorchester, but lived in Holliston a long time. Joy said her brother lives in Holliston. Mrs. Buckley said, "What's his name?" Joy said, " Mark Gabriel", Mrs. Buckley said, " Peter?"

Turns out that her son, Tim Buckley was Peter Gabriel's( our nephew) best friend in high school. Peter used to crash at their house on nights he was out too late to go home.

Goes to show how small the world can be and what you can learn by reaching out to a total stranger. You will never know unless you start talking to people.

Our travelling companions, Francis, Linda and Sophia ( their dog) Miko made it to River Dunes this afternoon. Linda camped out in the multi jet shower for a long time. We had a family style dinner in the club house. Everybody ate seafood chowder, and Joy prepared some turkey chili for me. Had about 20 boaters there for dinner.

We are leaving for Beaufort and Morehead City, NC tomorrow with the Mikos. Since Sophia needs to get off the boat twice a day, we are looking for anchorages that are easy to take the dinghy to or cheap docks.

That is it for today. Hope to buy a camera tomorrow. Linda said she would take a picture of the shower here at River Dunes and email it to us so we can share her experience via the Internet.


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