Saturday, November 13, 2010

Myrtle Beach, SC

We crossed into South Carolina this afternoon. The sky is pink as it is sunset at 5:37 pm.

It was an interesting two days on the water. The biggest thrill or scare depending on how you look at it is to moving southbound at about 7 knots and look down the river and see this very large barge moving ever so slowly NORTHBOUND AND TAKING UP THE ENTIRE WIDTH OF THE ICW. We were able to move over to the tree line so he could finally pass us.
Linda and Steve hit the trees but no damage to their boat, just to the trees.

Last night we stayed at St. James Marina in Southport, NC. Before that we were in Wrightsville Beach, NC. As we left Wrightsville Beach early yesterday morning, I thought I saw a bunch of dolphins in the water, so we motored on over to them. All of a sudden, I realized that it was a swim club of human beings swimming in ICW boat lane wearing black wet suits. This was a bad situation as it was early morning, and they did not have a safety boat out protecting them from boaters. We moved over and went around them, but my thought was that people can be really stupid and not even know how much danger they put themselves in.

Tonight, Sat, we are at a nice marina. For our $68 docking fee we got a bottle of white wine, and either $25 off dinner at one restaurant or a 2 for 1 meal at another. So this was a good deal for us. Plus diesel was cheap, and the dock hands even did the PUMPOUT, that has never happened before. Tomorrow it is on to Georgetown, SC, the third oldest city in SC after Charleston and Beauford. Going to visit all three of them for two nights.

It is nice to hear people say Yes, Ma'am or Yes Sir. People here at really nice.

Well that is it for now. Linda and Francis are still handing with us for a while, perhaps even till we get to Florida. They are an easy couple to travel with.


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