Saturday, November 6, 2010

River Dunes - Oriental, NC Nov 5

Well it is actually Nov 6, Sat. right now at 8:46 am, but I wanted to write about yesterday's activities and save today's activities for Joy to write about.

We anchored out in Broad Creek along with Chuck and Patty. We have been travelling with them for the last week or so, all the way from Deltaville to Oriental, NC. They are on their way south faster than us, because I think this is their third south, and our first. Had heavy rain in Broad Creek.

Woke up Friday morning and motored into River Dunes Marina. Now this is a marina. They have showers with multiple water outlets, plus the hot tubs and pool are still operating. Going to try the hot tub today.

We had dinner with Stu and Barb, they have a 41 ft Island Packet SP Cruiser, and live in North Carolina. It was Italian buffet dinner with some great food.

River Dunes is a development that is based around a marina and transient boaters(that is what we are called) are invited to some but not all of the activities. Of course, I could tell them I am interested in a building a house and they probably would let us go to everything. There are several developments in this part of the country that Stu says are in financial trouble. The original River Dunes developer went bust, and the banks took over.

Joy, Barb, and Connie did a laundry run in the afternoon as the dryers here at River Dunes are broken.

We go back and forth about staying in marinas versus anchoring. Marinas offer things like fuel, water, wash clothes, go to grocery stores, and most importantly, get to meet interesting people all the time. We swap our boat cards, call them on the phone, look out for each other.

The advantages of anchoring is that it is free. So Joy decided this morning that we need to do a combination of marinas and anchoring.

We are waiting in hope that Francis and Linda will catch up with us.

More from Joy. Still trying to find a camera store.


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