Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Pirates of Fernandina, FL

When we told people that we were planning to sail to the Caribbean, many people asked what we were going to do about pirates. Well, we encountered our first pirates and all we could do was take their pictures! Fernandina is known as the home of the pirates and they play the theme very well. There were living pirates around town on Saturday, interacting with the crowd and pirate statues outside the stores and in the parks to take pictures of.

We enjoyed today with church, lunch along the ocean front, followed by renting bikes. If it had been low tide, we could have literally ridden along the hard sand down by the water's edge, but instead we road about 5 miles along a greenway, where we were on the lookout for alligators. No alligators, but lots of bird life, and turtles sunning themselves on logs in the swamp.

Our friends, Linda and Francis, took off this morning and will be ahead of us temporarily, although we should overlap one night in St Augustine. They have friends just south of St Augustine that they will visit with for a couple of days, while we will stay in St Augustine to visit with my former lactation consultant partner, Anna Purkey, who is a nurse practitioner in Florida. Linda is instructed to look for a place for all of us to have a pedicure/manicure in St Augustine on Tuesday afternoon, as they will get there a day earlier.

Tomorrow, after breakfast ashore, we will head for an anchorage in Sisters Creek, only about a 3 and a half hour motor/sail.


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