Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well today was the big day. The boaters Thanksgiving dinner in St. Marys, GA. There must have been 100 sail boats in the harbor as they served over 300 people Thanksgiving dinner starting at 1 pm. Local townspeople also joined in the festivities. This all started about 9 years ago when some boaters got stuck in St. Marys due to bad weather and the owner of the local hotel volunteered to cook a turkey for them. He ended being mayor for a while.

It just grew and grew by word of mouth. The event got coverage in the local paper, and next year should be even bigger. Here are two pictures, Sally, Joy and Linda Miko ( our new sailing buddies), and a kind of dark picture of the food tables.

Sally ( Joy's sister) and her husband, Manny, drove up from Stuart, FL to join us for dinner today. Afterwards we went to the movies, our first movie in about 2 months. The three of them went to see The Last 3 Days, and I went to the new Harry Potter movie. Sally is going to ride on our boat on Saturday over to Amelia Island, FL, and then drive back to Stuart Saturday afternoon.

The Space shuttle was pushed back to Dec 17 so now it is out of our plans. Next major stop is Vero Beach to visit Melody for a couple of days, and then down to Stuart, FL where Sally lives. Going to have some minor repairs done in Stuart: engine compression check, front head valve changed, and possible radio wire replaced.

Well that is it for now. We got our new camera and took some pictures, and trying to get the upload program to work.


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