Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas in Fernandina, FL

Well, it is two days after Christmas. So what does that mean? It means major Christmas shopping in every store in town. We were planning on going to Cumberland Island today, but the weather was rather nasty. The wind was kicking up the inlet and the waves would have made sleeping tonight very rolly, so we bailed out when we got there about 10 am and went to Fernandina, FL

It is a lovely town with many shops. It took Joy and Linda the entire afternoon to cover four blocks of shops, both sides of the street of course. Joy bought some presents for Erin. I watched Ohio State crush Michigan, and Francis walked Sophia.
After the game I took a long walk around town, found the library and read the last two issues of Time magazine. Libraries are a great place for boaters to just crash.

The marina is owned by the Town, but managed by a private company. The new management company put in a dock store, built new bathrooms, and built a captain's lounge withe wide screen tv and WIFI.

Tonight at 6 pm was the Christmas tree lighting. Here are some photos of that service.

We will be here all day tomorrow. Planning on going to the beach to rent bikes to ride around the island. Then it is off to St. Augustine to visit Anna, Joy's old work partner at Cleveland Clinic. Seeing Anna on Wed.


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