Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After

Joe and I hope that all of our friends and family enjoyed food, family, and friends on Thanksgiving Day. We were thankful for being able to share Thanksgiving with new boat friends and my sister, Sally, and Manny. Today, Sally picked up three of us to go to the supermarket to reprovision for the coming week. After dinghing out to the boat to put away groceries, the four couples went out for lunch. On Thanksgiving everyone thinks they won't eat again for a week, but of course, that coconut cream pie after lunch looked good again.

In order to walk off the calories of the past few days, several of us went walking through the St Marys cemetery. What a beautiful and also macabre sight, with old tombstones from the 1700-1800s amidst the huge Spanish oaks covered with moss. The trees had to be as old or older than the gravesites. Then we enjoyed poking through a couple of bookstores and second-hand shops, before saying goodbye to Sally and Manny and returning to the boat.

This evening I put together screening that will keep no-seeums out of the boat. The teeny bugs are everywhere and love to bite, with an itch like a mosquito. Trouble is they get through regular screening. Usually, it is worse near the shore, but this evening they were everywhere, even out in the anchorage. We encountered one woman at the dock covered with netting from head to foot while working on her boat. She looked like a bee keeper, but it was to keep off the no-seeums.

Tomorrow we have a short sail to Cumberrland Island, a National Seashore in Georgia, only accessible by boat. There are miles of beach, marshes,trails, and campgrounds. A ferry service from St Marys takes people there, but wee will anchor just off the dock for the evening.


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