Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday - Nov 1

Well the first day of the month started off quickly. We got up and checked our email. Josh had sent us a message around 3 am that said his team in Surinam was flying out that morning to support the USS Iwo Jima in case Hurricane Tomas hits Haiti in the next couple of days. That is all the information we have at this moment. I image they will fly to the ship to be on board for a passage to Haiti.

We had breakfast with Robert the lock keeper at Deep Creek lock. He brings donuts and fruit cocktail and invites people to come by at 7:30am for a visit, before the first lock through at 8:30am. He is an historian about his operation. The current lock is the 5th lock, constructed in the 1930s. The first two locks were made of wood and only lasted about 20 years apiece. Then they built the third lock which lasted from 1828 to 1890.

The current lock is steel and concrete with a wooden facade. Robert is responsible for operating the lock and the bascule bridge for four openings per day. He operates the lock and drives his truck to the bridge to open the bridge for the boaters.

The second lock is 22 miles from Deep Creek lock We got through Deep Creek at 9 am, and should make the 1:30 opening for the second lock.

Made the second lock with about an hour to kill, just floating in the water in front of the lock. Did not stop at the visitors center, not much to see there. Next stop is the bridge at Elizabeth City, we are hurrying to get the 4:30 bridge opening, actually running the engine at 2500 rpm, 2200 is normal cruising speed, to get the boat up to 6.8 knts.

We were able to go faster than normal and got through the 4:30 pm bridge opening at Elizabeth City. It was a good thing as if we had missed 4:30 opening and had to wait until 5:30, we would have missed the 5:00 pm wine and cheese party put on by the City of Elizabeth for boaters. Joy got a rose and a fly swatter in the shape of a butterfly as a gift from the town.

We were able to get a dock on the wall on the starboard side of the boat. The wind helped push us into the dock without too much problem. As it is supposed to rain the middle of this week, I think we will be here until Friday. Only drawback to the City docks, is no water and no electricity.

Went to dinner at the Grouper Restaurant at the Marina. It is late at night, 9:17 pm and time to go to sleep. It is a brisk 62 degrees in the boat. I miss our diesel heater on nights like this. Since we have no electricity we can not run our 110 volt heater.


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