Thursday, October 28, 2010

odd day - Oct 27

It is early on Oct 28, but I wanted to write about yesterday since it was my odd day to write.
We are having a great time here in Deltaville and the good news is that our three projects are finished.

The stove project was a success- 90%. The three burners are work well, the stove is giving us a little trouble but we have to experiment in the best way to keep it at temperature for cooking. Need to buy a stove thermometer at a hardware store at our next stop.

The engine project is finished. We had the starter cables replace, a new belt installed. We also purchased a new alternator, 60 amps, current one is 50 amp., A new water pump to go with our
impeller kits. Figured after talking to people, these are two critical parts to have especially out of the States. Even learned how to replace the alternator belt, and how the alternator is attached to its housing.

Had another nice dinner with everybody in the marina. People bring their food to share at the covered picnic area on D dock. Usually have about 12 people eating together starting between 5:30 and 6:30 pm.

We are going to leave today for Hampton, VA.

Joy will write about today's activities after we get there


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