Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Solomons Island, MD

Hello from Solomons Island, on the west bank of the Chesapeake. We left Herrington North today, a day early as the weather for the next couple of days indicates heavy rain and high winds and we figured we would rather be in a town than a marina out in the middle of nowhere.

Herrington North is a nice marina but there is no town around it. It is third on our lists of potential homes for High Spirits after full time cruising is finished. First place right now is Annapolis, second is Baltimore. We are looking for a place to sail out of during the Spring and Fall, while up in New London in the Winter and Summer.

Today's ride took about 6 hours, half under power and half under sail only. After we landed Joy headed over to West Marine to look for parts for our broken outside grill and some caulking compound. After trying to fix the grill for the 5th time, she finally decided that we should buy a new one. It got damaged during one of my famous docking episodes, the one in Buffalo, NY.

That was the lesson of: "if you think should not go there, then don't go there". I however went there and ended up with a broken grill.

I went off to the supermarket and picked up a few items for our boat pantry.

We are staying at the Holiday Inn & Marina. We met the owners, John and Monica Simpson, in Baltimore when we visited Josh and Rachel. They were there for the trawler show. It is a nice marina with clean facilities and use of the hotel.

Today's picture is the place we had dinner at tonight. Joy liked the name. Food was okay, not great, but the price was fair, so overall a good deal.

Joy is under the weather with a bad cold. Thus no blog last night.

Bye for now, until the next odd day.


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