Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well actually we are in New Jersey. The dockage rates are much cheaper here in Jersey City as compared with Dennis Connor's ( famous America's Cup sailor), North Cove Marina in Battery Park. He charges $6/ft per day plus electricity. We are paying $2.20/day plus $3/day for electricity.

The photos of the fire engine and Statue of Liberty were taken from our dock.

We had an interesting ride down the rest of the Hudson River. We waited for high tide to ride it down, and when we got to the end of the Hudson we were doing over 8 knots (speed over ground). The day started out with rain and fog and we glad that we had radar installed as it came in handy. We could see all the little boats plus barges in front of us. Our system allows you to have a split screen with the charter finder showing where you are on the left and the radar screen on the right.

Jill and Matt went back to their place to take care of the cats, get some clean clothes and take a break from Mom and Dad. They will be back tomorrow for an evening cruise with some of their friends. We are going to go out tomorrow morning and see how long it takes to sail to the Statue of Liberty and other places.

Just found out from Linda Franko that the Eastern half of the Erie Canal is closed due to high water. Looks like we just made it by about a week from being trapped in a Canal segment.


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