Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sailing in NYC Harbor

Well today was the day we took out Jill's other group of friends on the boat. We had a total of 9 adults and one 9 month baby. It went fine except one of her friends started to feel a little sick and we took him back to shore. Once we got back. 4 people also left so we had Jill, Matt and Joslyn back out for another couple of hours. Sailing was much better the second time.

Jill's friends work in a variety of businesses: one is involved with a start up, one works for a large foundation, one is a professional photographer, one manages a retail store in a museum, Jill works at Cornell's Global Labor Institute, and Matt works on AIDS research and finishing up his Ph.D. No lawyers or investment bankers.

Lot of boats out in the harbor today include a Norwegian cruise liner that we saw going south on the Hudson River.

I finally figured out why I spent more time on the computer either working on the blog or reading political commentary on the Washington Post or NY Times on their on line sites. It is because we do not have a TV!

The last TV show we saw on this trip was 15 minutes of the PBS Newshour back at the Ashtabula Yacht Club back in early July.

This is exploring Manhattan week, to visit the places we have always wanted to see but never had the time in the City to see them.

Last night we went to see Billy Elliott the Musical, had good seats from the half price ticket booth in Manhattan. Seeing another show on Friday with Mike and Sweta Wexler.


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