Monday, August 23, 2010

Joy's Time Out

Hello everyone. Tonight we are in Haversraw, NY after a short 4 hour motor ride down the Hudson River. We passed West Point early on the ride, however I did not get any decent photos as we have a low end camera. Jill and Matt took better pictures.

We did some repair work here, replaced the front head shower sump pump with one that works and drains out the shower. Next project is to repair the anchor rode holder, its the one I busted when we were in Buffalo and got sideways in a narrow slip.

As to Joy's Time Out. Here she is sitting in the time out chair on Dolphin. How did she get on Dolphin? Well it turns out they have been stalking us, following us into three ports over the last two weeks. We first met them in Brewerton, then Newburgh, and now Haverstraw. Daniel and Michael invited us to take a look, a short look as the owners were coming in about an hour or so. I put some pictures of Dolphin back in the Brewerton notes, but it is hard to describe how beautiful she is unless you can run your hands over the wood work.

Daniel spends the first two months of the Spring/Summer working on the boat for a two month cruise by the owners. Michael is on Dolphin for three months of the year. Daniel sings professionally in Quebec, and Michael lives in Vancouver, BC for most of the year.

We are now in the tidal flow part of the Hudson and learning about tide charts. For example, we will not leave Haverstraw until 11 am or so. This way we will head south with the tide flowing out at 2 knots rather than fighting a 2 knot head on current.

Tomorrow we are going to Nyack, NY and then on to NYC on Jill's 34th birthday. It is really nice to have her and Matt with us for a couple of days. They are adapting to the boating life.


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