Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Tourists Have Arrived!

Well we certainly fit the part today. Took the PATH train over from NJ and changed to a subway to go to South Seaport on the lower east side of Manhattan. It is a big
set of stores, restaurants and thousands of people moving around. I think there were as many people there as the entire population of our entire town, New London, NH.

We got in line to buy half price tickets to see Billy Elliott tonight. Then we paid $15/piece to go on the Peking, a steel 4 masted boat built in the early 1900s which was one of the last wind only powered cargo ships in the world. It transported nitrates from Chile back to England. Also went into the Museum which had a large display of the Normandie, a French built super luxury liner of the 1930s.

That is Joy at the wheel of the Peking. Two bridges go to Brooklyn where Jill and Matt live. The third picture is not one of the Peking, but of another boat that was tied up at the wharf.

Walked back across lower Manhattan past the World Trade Center site and took the PATH train direct to our Grove Street Station.


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