Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catskill, NY

We left Troy, NY for a lovely cruise down the Hudson River. Joy took most of the pictures as we sailed past both industrial/shipping areas and well as wildlife areas.
I especially liked the pictures of the U Haul truck on top of its building, the junked cars that are headed to be melted down into steel, and the light house in the middle of the River.

This morning I met Ron. Ron and his wife own a 58 foot Hatteras Long Range Cruiser and spent 7 yes 7 years travelling around the entire world. This yacht has an 18 foot beam, draws 5 feet of water, two 175 horsepower engines, 3 state room, 4 heads, and cruises at 7 knots. After their 7 year cruse, they spent the next 4 years cruising Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands. He retired at 51. Owned an auto parts repair and mail order business.

Joe, the dock master, showed me a picture of a mega yacht that stopped at Troy. The fuel tanks hold 25,000 gallons, that's rights, 25,000, of fuel. They stopped once for 5,000 gallons. Joe had to have a tanker truck show up which pumped into Joe's tank while he was pumping out to the ship.

Arrived in Catskill, NY about 3 pm and checked in at the marina where tomorrow we will put the mast back up on High Spirits. It will be a long day but we have been looking forward to it.

One of Catskill's claim to fame is where "Uncle Sam" came into being, named after a real person, Sam Wilson. Mr. Wilson lived in a house just down the street from the marina from 1817 to 1823. Also the house was built in 1797 and hosted Martin Van Buren's wedding in 1807. So more for upstate NY history.

For New London people, you know how we have gnus in New London, well here they
have all kind of Cats for Catskill, like Cirque de Cat.


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