Monday, August 16, 2010

Rainy Ride to Troy, NY

Well we waited until 11 am, and then decided to go. About 20 minutes into the ride, we got caught in a big time downpour. However the wind was not too bad, and High Spirits just kept moving straight ahead. We arrived at Gate #2 and after a short wait we entered the Flight of Five. That is five locks in a row with no stopping allowed.

However, we did find out if there is an electrical storm in the immediate area of the lock, they shut down the lock until it is over. That means that you could be stuck in the bottom of the lock, 35 feet below the ground until they start the lock back up. Did not happen to us. We got through, a little wet.

At Waterford however, we could not get a spot along the dock as everybody there was not moving because of the weather. We ended going to Troy City Dock, which will cut off about 25 minutes of our trip tomorrow to Catskills, NY. Troy Dock is nice, however it is in not so nice of a neighborhood. We did go for a short walk after dinner. The place is very run down. Found a Cafe for breakfast tomorrow.

Todays history lesson: In 1827 the detachable shirt collar was invented in Troy, NY and Troy became know as the Collar City. At one time, Troy had 90% of the shirt collar business. Troy is also the home of RPI and Russell Sage College.

No pictures today, camera troubles.


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