Thursday, August 12, 2010

St. Johnsville, NY

We are in the small village of St. Johnsville, NY at mile marker 70 on the Erie Canal. Back on schedule to get to Schenectady on Saturday afternoon. Joy went up to the ice cream store after dinner as they have mint chocolate chip, one her favorites. When we arrived here about 4 pm, we went for a walk. It is sad to see a very nice small town look so run down. Many empty buildings. The marina manager was one of the best service oriented people we have dealt with on this trip. They got our boat parked where they wanted it, and told us we could use his office after hours if we wanted to.

The big highlight of today actually was two things. First in the morning after a one hour drive, we visited the Remington Arms Company in Illon, NY. Home of the Remington Rifle, Muskets, and side arms. Company started in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington. The Canal is credit for the successful development of his company as he was able to get raw materials shipped in to him at low costs.

In case you do not know, Joy's father, Robert Gabriel or Gabe for short, collected Remington Rifles during his life and had quite a collection back in the 60s and 70s hidden in the basement behind a fake wall. This was at the Meadowview Road house in Melrose. He eventually sold off his collection, but my memory recalls that he had around 40 old antiques.

The other big event was going through Lock 17 which has a door that moves vertically on the eastern end of the lock rather than two doors that swing in and out. The drop in this lock is 40.5 feet. Pictures do not do it justice.


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