Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tonight was an interesting sailing adventure with Jill, Matt and four of their friends. We sailed down to the Statue of Liberty after eating dinner on the boat.
There was a lot of boat traffic going in all directions, especially the ferries that run back and forth across the Hudson from New Jersey to Manhattan. Everybody brought food to share.

We sailed down past the Statue and then turned around. When we turned around, it was black and the wind was gusting to 20 knots. Fortunately the ferry boats stopped running and we were able to get back to the dock in the blackness without damaging High Spirits. I must admit that it was a little stressful but I am glad we had this night time sailing adventure.

Tonight's photos are from Jill and Matt's camera.

Joy and I worked on the boat today, cleaning the cockpit, trying to figure out the capacity of our water tank. I also took a long walk around Jersey City and was able to purchase a two step stool to help people get on. The problem we have with this dock is that is a very low dock and you have to step up over 3 feet to get on board.

They are filming a feature film down the street called "We Are the Hartmans", the story of the last rock and roll suburban night club. It is coming out summer 2011 if they can get a studio to distribute it. Talked to one of the older adult actors who was sketching the building that they were shooting.

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow except I know that Jill and Joy want to go to the Cloisters. Cloisters is a park at the upper end of Manhattan. Joy was there in 1972 when I worked here in NYC in Manhattan for Atlantic Richfield before we moved to Los Angeles. Just found out that the Cloisters visit is next weekend.

Jill and Matt are sleeping on the boat tonight.


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