Monday, August 16, 2010

Waiting for the Rain to Pass - Monday Aug 16

Well we are waiting for the rain & thunderstorms to pass so we can continue down the Canal through the Flight of Five down to Waterford, NY the eastern end of the Erie Canal.


We spent a lovely time with Ann and Dave Pierce. Ann is Don Hromy's sister, Don is married to Joe's sister Gayle. They live on Ballston Lake, about 20 minutes from the Schenectady Yacht Club where we docked the boat for the weekend. Included is a picture of them outside their local farm stand.

The weekend first started off with Alan and Jennie Anderson, their company moved our mast from Buffalo to Catskill, NY. Manny Lugo, Sally's husband, worked for Alan 20 years ago selling boats. They have remained friends and when the Anderson's were visiting New London about 6 weeks ago that offered to transport our mast as a very reasonable price. Had a nice lunch with them, then Ann and Dave picked us up for Sat night through Sunday evening.

Got to sleep in a real bed on the land in an air conditioned house. What a treat.

Sunday afternoon we drove through Saratoga National Park and learned about the Battle of Saratoga, the turning point in the Revolutionary War. Did not know much about it but it was very critical as it kept the British from dividing the colonies in half by controlling the entire length of the Hudson River. This battle was in Sept/Oct 1777. The monument is to Thaddeus Kosciuszko, who developed the American defensive earthworks that stopped the British march to NYC down the Hudson,

So today is Monday morning, thunderstorms are expected early this morning. We will leave soon for the final 16 miles to the Hudson River. Then down to Catskill, NY to have the mast put back on.

Jill and Matt are joining us next weekend. We will be in the NYC area for almost the next two weeks.


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